Reasons Your House Is Still on the Market

The day will come when it’s time to sell your house. Nothing in this world is permanent as our needs and priorities change over time. It could be because of employment reasons or you just want to cash in on your investment because you feel it’s a good time to sell. A strong demand and low inventory over the past years has caused home prices to go up steadily over the last several years since the housing bubble.  

Your expectations are high. You’re confident that you can sell your house just as quickly as you put it up for sale. A few days have gone by and then it turned into weeks and months. You’re starting to worry and you ask yourself if there’s something wrong because nobody wants to buy your house.  

Here are reasons why your house is still on the market. 

Your house doesn’t stand out from the competition 

It’s a competitive marketplace out there. Being in a seller’s market means there are too many options for home buyers to choose from right now. When your house doesn’t stand out, home buyers won’t even consider buying and you are missing a great opportunity here. Make your house and your offer stand out so home buyers will notice and give it a second look. 

Unrealistic selling price 

Being a seller in a seller’s market doesn’t mean you can get away with your unrealistic selling price. Home buyers will always want the best value for their money. You should be doing your research. Base the price on the current fair market value and how much buyers are willing to pay for it. It can also mean lowering the price to attract more buyers as long as you still make a profit from your investment. 

Your property doesn’t have a clean Title 

There’s a lien on the Title or it is still under litigation. Whatever the case may be, problems with the Title is always sure to spook buyers. Home buyers want to have peace of mind when buying a Real Estate property because it involves a huge financial risk. They want to make sure that they are making a legitimate investment and the property they are going to buy has no strings attached. 

Photos and Videos used to market your house is of poor quality 

Poor photo and video quality turn people off. Most people looking for a house to buy usually start searching online and base their decisions on what they see. Use a high-resolution camera to take stunning pictures and HD quality videos or spend money and hire a professional photographer. Do what is necessary to wow your potential home buyers.