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Tips for House Renters

When you rent, the property is not yours. You need to be careful not to destroy it or to build a bad image to the landlord. It is also important the you know your rights as a tenant.  Here are some tips for house renters: 

  1. Understand the applicable Landlord-Tenant ordinances in your area. This is the best way for you to know your rights and responsibilities. 
  2. Check for structural damage, maintenance issues, and neighborhood concerns. Inspect for possible leaks in the roof and pipes, insulation, plumbing (water pressure, toilet flush, etc.), electrical wiring, foundation condition, among others. Bring up any concern to the landlord and ask when it can be fixed. Do a re-inspection before signing an agreement. 
  3. Make sure that you completely understand the lease agreement before signing it. The lease agreement is the contract that is legally binding on both you and your landlord. Read it carefully and clarify causes that can be possibly unfair to you.  Consult a real estate lawyer to make sure that the contract is fair for both parties. 
  4. Pay your rent on time. This is one of the biggest issues that a landlord has with his tenants. You are legally obligated to pay your rent on or before the due date. There are many ways to pay it including cash, cheques, or electronic transfers. To avoid paying late, you can set-up an automatic deduction from your account going to your landlord’s account a few days after your salary comes in. Whichever mode of payment you choose, always keep the receipt. 
  5. Create a good relationship with your landlord. This doesn’t mean that you need to befriend him. It only means that you need to do your part as a tenant and treat him with respect. If you can find difficulty managing your finances to pay your rent on time, bring it up to your landlord. Many landlords can arrange possible options including extending your due date. The point is do not do anything that can make the landlord really hate you.
  6. Document all communications you have with your landlord, says Boerne realtors. Even if you have a good relationship with your landlord, it is advisable that you keep records of any correspondence with him. This is your way to protect yourself should your relationship with your landlord become ugly.
  7. Be friendly to your neighbors. If you need help or you want someone to talk to, your neighbors are just a few steps away.  

Reasons Your House Is Still on the Market

The day will come when it’s time to sell your house. Nothing in this world is permanent as our needs and priorities change over time. It could be because of employment reasons or you just want to cash in on your investment because you feel it’s a good time to sell. A strong demand and low inventory over the past years has caused home prices to go up steadily over the last several years since the housing bubble.  

Your expectations are high. You’re confident that you can sell your house just as quickly as you put it up for sale. A few days have gone by and then it turned into weeks and months. You’re starting to worry and you ask yourself if there’s something wrong because nobody wants to buy your house.  

Here are reasons why your house is still on the market. 

Your house doesn’t stand out from the competition 

It’s a competitive marketplace out there. Being in a seller’s market means there are too many options for home buyers to choose from right now. When your house doesn’t stand out, home buyers won’t even consider buying and you are missing a great opportunity here. Make your house and your offer stand out so home buyers will notice and give it a second look. 

Unrealistic selling price 

Being a seller in a seller’s market doesn’t mean you can get away with your unrealistic selling price. Home buyers will always want the best value for their money. You should be doing your research. Base the price on the current fair market value and how much buyers are willing to pay for it. It can also mean lowering the price to attract more buyers as long as you still make a profit from your investment. 

Your property doesn’t have a clean Title 

There’s a lien on the Title or it is still under litigation. Whatever the case may be, problems with the Title is always sure to spook buyers. Home buyers want to have peace of mind when buying a Real Estate property because it involves a huge financial risk. They want to make sure that they are making a legitimate investment and the property they are going to buy has no strings attached. 

Photos and Videos used to market your house is of poor quality 

Poor photo and video quality turn people off. Most people looking for a house to buy usually start searching online and base their decisions on what they see. Use a high-resolution camera to take stunning pictures and HD quality videos or spend money and hire a professional photographer. Do what is necessary to wow your potential home buyers. 

Beginner’s Guide to Being a Real Estate Agent

The real estate agent is the vein of the industry. He is the person who does most of the work in bringing money to the broker. He acts as the middleman between the buyer and the seller. Basically, he does a little bit of everything to close a sale in which he is getting paid for on commission basis. 

If you are dreaming of becoming a successful real estate agent, here are some important tips to get you started: 

  1. Treat it as a business. There are many Washington DC homes for sale, but you will never close even one if you will not take your job seriously. Treat your job as if your life depends on it. Every day when you wake up, look forward to brand new start. Acquire as much knowledge as you can about your business. You are so lucky that 90% of the information that you need to do your job properly is just a few click away. Use the power of the internet to learn. Absorb as much information as you can from the experts. Their experiences can be a great motivation for you to strive harder.
  2. The real estate is one of the hardest commodities to sell. Unlike fashion wear or cars, houses cannot be changed every year when a new style comes in. Many buyers consider real estate as a lifetime investment which makes them more cautious when buying a property. This means that most of your clients are looking for properties where they can settle down and they will not need your help again for a long time. This creates a problem because you need to constantly look for a lead where you can find your next client. Always be in look-out for possible lead. No matter what you do, look for a chance to meet new leads. 
  3. Value your relationship. People need people, especially in your line of work. You will always need the help of other people to give you referral, to do you a favour, or to help you close a transaction. Your friends and family can be a good source of leads. Professionals such as bankers, accountants, fund managers, and lawyers can help you get clients and prepare your documents. Always build an open communication with your clients- past and present.
  4. Develop personality. Having a great personality is very important in your line of work.  People want to talk with people they like. If you have a friendly yet professional qualities, people will get drawn to you easily and will most likely trust you become their real estate agent.

How to Put Up a Real Estate Firm

If you want to put up a real estate firm in the future, then do well with your career as a real estate agent first. Once you progress to a broker position, it is high time that you understand fully the ins and outs of the business. Your training, work ethics and professional networks will determine how successful your real estate firm will become.  

If you are 100% decided that you want to put up your own firm, here are some steps that you need to follow: 

  1. Weigh the market in your community. Check if there is a demand for your service and if the demand can justify the existence of your business. Is the demand will be within your area of expertise? Is there a chance that the demand will grow over the next several years? Is the market already saturated? Who are your competitors and how can you penetrate their market?
  2. Write a business plan. This will serve as your map that will help you chart the right direction for your business. Here, you will include the strategies that you will present to your investors. Your business plan will also contain the management strategies for day to day operation of your business, the expenses and the right execution of plans in details. 
  3. Determine how much will be your start-up capital. You know that you need money to cover the expenses for leasing an office, buying office equipment, obtaining a license, and other expenses.
  4. Get all necessary licenses. The types of licenses may vary depending on where you live. You can consult your state regulating agency what licenses are needed for your kind of business. You might also need a permit to operate license from the city where your business is located. Make sure that you and your staff have valid real estate agent licenses.
  5. Choose your office location. It is extremely important to find a good location for your business. Choose an office location that is visible to many pedestrians, easily accessible and has an ample parking space.
  6. Buy office equipment. Your daily operation will always need computers, telephones, fast internet connection, office furniture, a fax machine and the usual office supply.
  7. Create a website. Even before you lunch your business, you can start creating your website. It should include your listings of the properties, with quality photos (and videos, if you can afford it), and the contact details of your company or your agents. Make sure that you put your business online as 90% of home buyers start their search on the web.  

Las Vegas’ Most Luxurious Neighborhoods

Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world. It houses a lot of gambling and entertainment establishments catering mostly for adult fun. However, once you leave the strip, you can actually find a family friendly neighborhood. If you are planning to look for a property in one of its most luxurious neighborhoods, here are some of them. To have an idea of how much each property worth, please refer to

The Ridges

The Ridges Las Vegas is the top luxury living residences in Southern Nevada. The entire village is guarded exclusively and is located at Las Vegas highest point. Nestled near the picturesque Red Rock Canyon, it offers captivating views of one of the most popular geological wonder.

Enjoy playing golf in a 7,194 yard golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus. Their fitness facility is exclusive to its residents. It also has resort pool, heated lap pool, five tennis courts, locker rooms, and a lounge. Las Vegas luxury homes are perfectly epitomized in this lavish community.

Macdonald Highlands

Macdonald Highlands is at the foot of Black Mountain hills in Henderson, Nevada. The community was developed 20 years ago with exquisite taste.

Amenities include the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area which offers hiking and biking trails as well as picnic areas. It also has the Lake Mead National Recreation Area- perfect for family activities like fishing, camping, water skiing, swimming, and boating.


European-inspired community evident in the designs of the houses, lavish fairways and wide gate entrances, the prestige of living in Queensridge is sophistication at its very best. The mesmerizing backdrop of Spring Mountain Range and Red Rock Canyon maybe a little bit too much, but always welcome.

Amenities include a state-of-the-art fitness gym, 18 hole golf course, clubhouses, parks and recreational areas, and pool. The golf course attracts many successful retirees.

How To Pick The Right Real Estate Agent

Since there are plenty of Real Estate agents for you to choose from out there, you may feel confused about which one you should pick. Take a seat with them. Look at them without flinching, see their non-verbal communication, how they talk, the substance and tone of what they say. All these verbal and non-verbal prompts ought to signify a solid representation of the agent’s identity. Typically, you would keep away from an agent who’s totally green, however, that doesn’t really mean a financier’s most prepared worker will be the best fit, either. The most experienced agents may likewise be the busiest ones, more prone to go on your hunt or leave the deal to a substitute.

Tips on How to Pick the Right Real Estate Agent

Contract somebody who has room schedule-wise, enthusiasm, appetite, and yearning to make your property their essential concentration. There are youthful specialists who are great at what they do, so don’t hold an absence of experience against them. In any case, reputation tells you a great deal. Priority and history are exceptionally useful.An individual reference can guide you in the correct course, however in the event that companions and relatives don’t have any suggestions, don’t be modest about approaching the specialist for the contact data of his or her past customers.

Generally, a dealer is helping you explore a choice about safe house, a standout amongst a principal human needs, and it’s urgent to hear the insights about how they’ve done as such for others before. Similarly, as you’d vet a lawyer or a specialist, utilize similar tenets to vet an agent.Online surveys are justified for a look, as well. Large portions of similar destinations that run real estate postings likewise have some extremely straight to the point input about agents. Experienced agents some of the time overlook that while the intricate details of purchasing, leasing, or offering a property are recognizable to them, for the vast majority, it’s a procedure they just experience once at regular intervals.